We offer a rich eCommerce experience,
purpose-driven to reflect your brand.


We can craft a custom, award-worthy e-commerce presence that will communicate the uniqueness of your brand.

We offer real solutions to ecommerce challenges,
making the difficult, easy.

• Current Product Costs.
• Inventory debt load on company: $2mil annually
• Unacceptable delivery times: 1.5-2 weeks on store
• Poor product selection.
• Templet-based site created a lack of site/store
• Fractured purchasing process.
• Required Minimums.
• Branding Standards.
• Decoration Quality.
• Rush Charges/Order deadlines on wearables.

•  1st year cost savings of $700K  achieved through purchasing consolidation in all departments/divisions.
•  Decreased inventory holding costs by $1mil by
increased product “turns” from 2-5 annually.
•  All store orders now ship in 24 -48 hours.
•  The store now has a wide variety of products that are  being “refreshed” on a monthly and quarterly basis.
•  100% scratch-built site was created to to ensure the aesthetic and functionality needs of the client were exceeded. Their custom store can now be expanded  & refashioned when client needs change and as  technology advances.
•  Streamlined purchasing and billing process  through single-source system.
•  Employees can now purchase as few as (1) piece.
•  Through single-source purchasing process.
•  Brand Junkie decorates all wearables in house, and all orders must pass a rigorous quality control process.
•  Brand Junkie stocks nearly 85% of all client products so employees can now order “on demand” without incurring any rush fees. 

If we can do that for them, find out what Brand Junkie can do for your company.